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  • Consolidated financial statement
    Consolidated financial statement is a corporate financial statement in which accounts of subsidiaries and the parent are added together to produce ...
  • Compensation agreement
    Compensation agreement refers to an agreement by an exporter of plant or equipment to take compensation in the form of future output from that plant.
  • Concession agreement
    Concession agreement refers to an understanding or contract between a foreign corporation and a host government defining the rules under which the ...
  • Common market
    Common market refers to an association through treaty of two or more countries that agree to remove all trade barriers between themselves. The best known ...
  • Commercial risk
    Commercial risk— in banking, the likelihood that a foreign debtor will be unable to repay its debts because of business (as distinct from political) events.
  • Clearing house interbank payment systems (CHIPS)
    Clearing house interbank payment systems (CHIPS) is a New York-based computerized clearing system used by banks to settle interbank foreign ...
  • CKD
    CKD— “Completely knocked down”— international trade term for components shipped into a country for assembly there. Often used in the automobile industry.