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  • Network
    Network is a system that transmits data to and from a number of locations that are geographically dispersed.
  • Application-dedicated software
    Application-dedicated software refers to specialized or customized applications designed to meet the particular information needs of an organization.
  • Imaging software
    Imaging software— programs that scan data and information and convert them into digital images.
  • Accounting software
    Accounting software is a type of general-purpose software that helps companies automate their accounting functions. The main modules of an accounting ...
  • Computer graphics
    Computer graphics is the graphical display of computerized information; there are many sophisticated graphics packages. For example, CorelDRAW, a ...
  • Spreadsheets
    Spreadsheets refer to programs that are used for applications involving numerical analysis, number crunching, graphical output, and “what-if” scenarios.
  • Desktop publishing
    Desktop publishing is the production of office documents such as memos, price sheets, technical manuals, invoices, and newsletters. Desktop publishing ...