Channel refers to any conduit along which data can be transmitted. It is the part of telecommunications system that constitutes the link between message source and message destination. Telecommunications channels are identified according to transmission rate, transmission mode, and transmission direction.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Channel
- The hollow bed where a stream of water runs or may run.
- The deeper part of a river, harbor, strait, etc., where the main current flows, or which affords the best and safest passage for vessels.
- A strait, or narrow sea, between two portions of lands; as, the British Channel.
- That through which anything passes; means of passing, conveying, or transmitting; as, the news was conveyed to us by different channels.
- A gutter; a groove, as in a fluted column.
- Flat ledges of heavy plank bolted edgewise to the outside of a vessel, to increase the spread of the shrouds and carry them clear of the bulwarks.
2. Channel
- To form a channel in; to cut or wear a channel or channels in; to groove.
- To course through or over, as in a channel.
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