Factors for Group Success

When it comes to working in a team, success will depend upon a different set of factors. Of course many of your personal success factors will still be important, but if the group as a whole is to succeed then the following point are key:

  • Clear goals – members of the group must understand what their goals are and believe that they are important; these goals must be important enough to convince the individual members of the group to relegate their own personal concerns. Members must know what they expect to accomplish and understand how they will work together to achieve these goals.
  • Definition of roles – groups invariably function more effectively when each member is clear about the role they are expected to play and the responsibilities they are required to assume.
  • Set attainable goals – the setting and achieving of short term goals helps to build confidence in the group.
  • Build mutual trust – it is vital to create a climate of trust within the group, where members can feel free to discuss problems and be upon with their views. Communication and the regular flow of information to keep all members updated on progress are important elements in creating trust.
  • Ensure a sense of common purpose – for a group to be truly effective all members must feel accountable for both success and failures.
  • Provide the necessary support – ensure that all support and resources required for the effectiveness of the group are made available, where practical, from within the organization.
  • Provide suitable training – there may well be group-related training required in such areas as problem solving, negotiation, communication and conflict resolution. All of these will help enhance the overall performance of the group.

The role of the group leader is obviously critical in the overall success of the group.

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