Stock is a security that is a claim on the earnings and assets of a company.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Stock
- Used or employed for constant service or application, as if constituting a portion of a stock or supply; standard; permanent; standing; as, a stock actor; a stock play; a stock sermon.
2. Stock
- The stem, or main body, of a tree or plant; the fixed, strong, firm part; the trunk.
- The stem or branch in which a graft is inserted.
- A block of wood; something fixed and solid; a pillar; a firm support; a post.
- Hence, a person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post; one who has little sense.
- The principal supporting part; the part in which others are inserted, or to which they are attached.
- The wood to which the barrel, lock, etc., of a musket or like firearm are secured; also, a long, rectangular piece of wood, which is an important part of several forms of gun carriage.
- The handle or contrivance by which bits are held in boring; a bitstock; a brace.
- The block of wood or metal frame which constitutes the body of a plane, and in which the plane iron is fitted; a plane stock.
- The wooden or iron crosspiece to which the shank of an anchor is attached. See Illust. of Anchor.
- The support of the block in whic
3. Stock
- To lay up; to put aside for future use; to store, as merchandise, and the like.
- To provide with material requisites; to store; to fill; to supply; as, to stock a warehouse, that is, to fill it with goods; to stock a farm, that is, to supply it with cattle and tools; to stock land, that is, to occupy it with a permanent growth, especially of grass.
- To suffer to retain milk for twenty-four hours or more previous to sale, as cows.
- To put in the stocks.
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