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Agony - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'Agony' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Agony [ n.]
- Violent contest or striving.
- Pain so extreme as to cause writhing or contortions of the body, similar to those made in the athletic contests in Greece; and hence, extreme pain of mind or body; anguish; paroxysm of grief; specifically, the sufferings of Christ in the garden of Gethsemane.
- Paroxysm of joy; keen emotion.
- The last struggle of life; death struggle.

Meaning of 'Agony' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . agony [ n]
Meaning (1):
- intense feelings of suffering; acute mental or physical pain
Example in sentence:
  • an agony of doubt;
  • the torments of the damned