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Meaning of 'speak' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Speak [ v. i.]
- To utter words or articulate sounds, as human beings; to express thoughts by words; as, the organs may be so obstructed that a man may not be able to speak.
- To express opinions; to say; to talk; to converse.
- To utter a speech, discourse, or harangue; to adress a public assembly formally.
- To discourse; to make mention; to tell.
- To give sound; to sound.
- To convey sentiments, ideas, or intelligence as if by utterance; as, features that speak of self-will.
2 . Speak [ v. t.]
- To utter with the mouth; to pronounce; to utter articulately, as human beings.
- To utter in a word or words; to say; to tell; to declare orally; as, to speak the truth; to speak sense.
- To declare; to proclaim; to publish; to make known; to exhibit; to express in any way.
- To talk or converse in; to utter or pronounce, as in conversation; as, to speak Latin.
- To address; to accost; to speak to.

Meaning of 'speak' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . speak [ v]
Meaning (1):
- exchange thoughts; talk with
Example in sentence:
  • Actions talk louder than words;
  • We often talk business
Meaning (2):
- express in speech
Example in sentence:
  • She talks a lot of nonsense;
  • This depressed patient does not verbalize
Meaning (3):
- use language
Example in sentence:
  • the baby talks already;
  • the prisoner won't speak;
  • they speak a strange dialect
Meaning (4):
- give a speech to
Example in sentence:
  • The chairman addressed the board of trustees
Meaning (5):
- make a characteristic or natural sound
Example in sentence:
  • The drums spoke