Definition Of


Management is a term that involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively.

It is the process of achieving organizational objectives through people and other resources.

Management is the process of setting and achieving goals through the execution of five basic management functions that utilize human, financial, and material resources. There are a number of points to remember in this definition.

First, management and managers make conscious decisions to set and achieve goals; decision-making is a critical part of all management activities.

Second, management is getting things done through people. Once management acquires the financial and material resources for the organization, it works through the organizational members to reach the stated objectives.

Third, to achieve the goals they set, managers must execute the five basic functions. These management functions are the five broad activities that managers perform to achieve organizational goals:

  1. planning,
  2. organizing,
  3. staffing,
  4. directing and
  5. controlling

Management is the application of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling functions in the most efficient manner possible to accomplish organizational objectives.