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Production Logistics: Understanding Production Logistics with Practical Example

What is Production Logistics?

Production Logistics is the part of logistics concerning research, design, development, manufacture, and acceptance of material. It is a commercial word that refers to the organization, administration, and monitoring of an organization's storage capacity, processing, and transit operations for acquired components, intermediate products, commodities, replacement parts, operational supplies, and other items needed for production. The design management plan is a component of it.

Understanding Production Logistics

Production logistics include all physical procedures, operations, and difficulties emerging from providing their services. It serves as a connection in the logistics network between purchasing and distribution logistics. In consequence, it comprises the actions listed below - 

  • standardization and interoperability
  • contracting, 
  • quality assurance
  • initial provisioning, 
  • transportability, 
  • reliability and defect analysis, 
  • safety standards, 
  • specifications and production processes,
  • trials and testing (including the provision of necessary facilities),
  • equipment documentation, 
  • configuration control,
  • modifications

The Operation

Production logistics is accountable for maintaining that the essential production elements are provided to the manufacturing operations and that they are disposed of cohesively in addition to the format, amount, location, and schedule. It is concerned with:

  • Improving client-based manufacturing
  • Higher production adaptability
  • Reducing timeframes
  • Reducing stockpiles
  • Ideal design of industrial transportation networks
  • Decrease of ranging broad, variation quantity, and diversity of components
  • Enhancing the efficiency of batch size
  • Synchronization of resources
  • Lowering expenses

Practical Example

As previously said, production logistics can include a wide range of duties. T&R Co. intends to construct a facility as part of a government initiative. So, before establishing a plant, the best site must be selected so that the acquisition procedures and material management may be structured to become as economical as feasible throughout this plant's future.

In Sentences 

  • Inside the quality control scope, production logistics seems to have a circulation synchronization responsibility.

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