Definition Of

Straight product extension

Definition (1):

Straight product extension means marketing a product in a foreign market without any change. Top management tells its marketing people. “Take the product as is and find customers for it.” The first step, however, should be to find out whether foreign consumers use that product and what form they prefer.

Definition (2):

“A straight product extension is presenting your product to a global marketplace without any changes.” There are some products that are globally renowned and require no extra production or promotional changes. Individuals want those globally, and once those are available to them, they purchase those products and the companies don’t require making any extra promotion or marketing strategies for it.

Definition (3):

Companies thinking of marketing their products in various countries generally have three strategies to follow. Straight product extension is the first among them. It means to take the company’s present products and to sell them in different countries without making alterations to those products. This strategy has some merits such as the companies don’t require investing in new manufacturing, research, or development. They may make changes in labeling and packaging, but these are regulated by local legal requirements. The demerits of this strategy are that the products might not be suitable for meeting up the local needs and those may be more costly because of the higher labor and manufacturing costs in the home country.