When Moneybag/ Wallet is Smart!

 Money, visiting cards, tickets – many of same things can be kept in Moneybag. But in the digital era, the electronic alternatives are being created of most necessary things. As a result, the necessity of wallet is to be run out. Smartphone and many of the features and applications of the smartphone reduce the need of wallet. In the twenty-first century, an entrepreneur has come forward to make the wallet affordable. The company has started publishing and fundraising by the IndieGogo site for creating wallets called ' Vaulterman '. They announce that ‘Vaulterman’ will be the most powerful wallet in the world.

It will work as like as power banks and Wi-Fi hotspots. There are also special features for its safety. It includes the features of listening alarm by remote, GPS tracking and a small camera.

Entrepreneurs are working on the idea of ​​making these wallets since 2014. According to an entrepreneur named Azat, his three-year-old girl hidden his wallet for a long time and he could not find it. He went to find bluetooth convenience wallets in the market. But the distance limit was specified. From then on, he got the idea of ​​creating smart wallets on his head. For two years, he conducted prototype, design, and crude funding programs. Now this time to open the smart wallet/ moneybag in the market.

There is no way to forget the wallet. It has a Bluetooth alarm system that will give you the presence of a specific distance. Besides, if you leave a phone, you can search it with this wallet. There is a pushbutton in this moneybag/ wallet that will ring the phone. There is no problem even if the phone is in Silent mode.

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