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Referent power

Referent power is the power that arises because of a person’s desirable resources or personal traits. Referent power develops out of admiration


Credibility in terms the degree to which followers perceive someone as honest, competent and able to inspire.


Trust is defined as the belief in the integrity, character, and ability of a leader. Followers who trust a leader are willing to be vulnerable to the

Control process

The control process is a three-step process of measuring actual performance, comparing actual performance against a standard, and

Range of variation

The acceptable parameters of variance between actual performance and a standard, is called range of variation.

Immediate corrective action

Immediate corrective action that addresses problems at once to get performance back on track.

Basic corrective action

Basic corrective action that looks at how and why performance deviated before correcting the source of deviation. It’s not unusual for


Performance is all of these. It’s the end result of an activity. And whether that activity is hours of intended practice before a concert or

Organizational performance

Organizational performance- the accumulated results of all the work activities in the organization. It’s a multifaceted concept, but managers

ISO 9000

ISO 9000