Definition Of

Written warning

Written warning can be defined as written documentation given to an employee describing specific disciplinary infractions, such as inappropriate conduct, poor

Yellow dog contract

Yellow dog contract is an employment contract or agreement, either oral or in writing, that forbids employees from joining or continuing membership in any labor union

Zero-based bonus

Zero-based bonus is a plan design feature that establishes a preassigned class, ratio, or ranking for a specified class of employees who will receive zero bonus awards.

Zero-based budgeting

Zero-based budgeting is a budgeting system that starts with no authorized funds as a starting point. In a zerobased budget, each activity or program to be funded

Counterintelligence production

Counterintelligence production refers to the process of analyzing all-source information concerning espionage or other multi-discipline intelligence collection threats ...

Counterintelligence operations

Counterintelligence operations are proactive activities designed to identify, exploit, neutralize, or deter foreign intelligence collection and terrorist activities ...

Counterintelligence operational tasking authority

Counterintelligence operational tasking authority is the levying of counterintelligence requirements specific to joint military activities and operations.

Counterintelligence investigation

Counterintelligence investigation refers to an official and systematic search for facts to determine whether a person(s) is engaged in activities that may be injurious ...

Counterintelligence insider threat

Counterintelligence insider threat refers to a person who uses their authorized access to Department of Defense facilities, systems, equipment, information ...

Counterintelligence collection

Counterintelligence collection refers to the systematic acquisition of information (through investigations, operations, or liaison) concerning espionage ...