Definition Of

Different Types of Banking System

The structure of banking system is defined on the basis of organizational characteristics

11 Features of A Central Bank

The significance of a central bank lies in its function of managing the monetary system

Reformulating procedures of owner’s equity

The word reformulating means that make some things in a different way by following the

Power in Organization and the use of this power

Power is one of the most significant forces in an organization which can be extremely

Understanding the concept of Franchising and its Pros & Cons

Franchising is an opportunity for many people who are willing take a Franchise and start

Key areas which helps to build career in finance

Want to study in Finance and build career in this discipline? Then you should know the

Cumulative frequency

Cumulative frequency – a method of grouping the frequencies of the value of some variables by adding the frequencies not ...

Development of a Group

There are generally thought to be four distinct stages in the development of a group. These are commonly referred to as:

Factors for Group Success

When it comes to working in a team, success will depend upon a different set of factors. Of course many of your personal success factors

When Moneybag/ Wallet is Smart!

Money, visiting cards, tickets – many of same things can be kept in Moneybag. But in the digital era, the electronic alternatives

Structure of a Short Informal Report

This type of report is sometimes written on memo-headed paper, but the presentation can vary. The format of a memorandum report can

Style of Report

The style of a report should be factual and objective. Just as the writing style you choose for a letter or memo depends upon the

Ground Rules for Meetings

Every meeting needs rules however informal it might be. These can be very rigid, as found in the Standing Orders for an Annual General

Checklist for Good Business Letters

Keep the basic aims in mind. Plan the letter’s points before starting to write.

Format of Business Letter

The company’s house style will also include rules on the layout of its business letters and will probably use one of the following

Layout and Parts of a Business Letter

Business letters are written on letter-headed paper showing the name and address of the organization, its telephone and fax numbers