Definition Of


Repairability measures the ease of fixing a product when it malfunctions or fails. Ideal repairability would exist if users could fix the product themselves ...


Durability refers to a measure of the product’s expected operating life under natural or stressful conditions, is valued attribute for vehicles, kitchen appliances ...

Conformance quality

Conformance quality is the degree to which all produced units are identical and meet promised specifications. Suppose a Porsche 911 is designed to accelerate ...

Performance quality

Performance quality is the level at which the product’s primary characteristics operate. Firms should design a performance level appropriate to the target ...

Supplies and business services

Supplies and business services are short-term goods and services that facilitate developing or managing the finished product. Supplies are two kinds ...

Brand contact

Brand contact refers to any information-bearing experience a customer or prospect has with the brand, the product category, or the market that relates to ...

Brand portfolio

Brand portfolio is the set of all brands and brand lines a particular firm offers for sale in a particular category or market segment.

Brand variants

Brand variants are specific brand lines uniquely supplied to different retailers or distribution channels.

Brand mix

A brand mix, also known as brand assortment is the set of all brand lines that a particular seller makes.

Licensed product

Licensed product is one whose brand name has been licensed to other manufacturers that actually make the product.