Definition Of

Different Types of Banking System

The structure of banking system is defined on the basis of organizational characteristics

11 Features of A Central Bank

The significance of a central bank lies in its function of managing the monetary system

Reformulating procedures of owner’s equity

The word reformulating means that make some things in a different way by following the

Power in Organization and the use of this power

Power is one of the most significant forces in an organization which can be extremely

Understanding the concept of Franchising and its Pros & Cons

Franchising is an opportunity for many people who are willing take a Franchise and start

Key areas which helps to build career in finance

Want to study in Finance and build career in this discipline? Then you should know the

Territorial structure

An organization structure in which units are divided on the basis of territory or geographical region.

White knight

A buyer (person or company) considered more favorable by a target firm than the takeover it is facing.

Work motivation model

Psychologist and consultant Frederick Herzberg’s explanation of motivation that defines hygiene factors and motivator factors, and

Worker adjustment and retraining notification act (WARN)

The 1989 law that requires employers with 100 or more full-time employees to give affected employees 60 days’ written notice of a

Very large-scale integration (VLSI)

Superchip circuitry, resulting from extremely compact transistors and circuits assembles on a single silicon chip; marked start of

Wagner act

The 1935 law that made collective bargain legal and required employers to bargain with the representatives of the employees; also

Warehouse showroom

Retail stores with sizable inventories housed in large buildings and dealing in volume while providing limited service.


The receiving, storing, and shipping activities involved in the physical distribution of goods.


Transistor is a small switch that controls electrical current; characterized second-generation computers.