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Biogenesis is the production of living organisms only from other living organisms. Compare spontaneous generation.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Order
    Order in systematic biologic classification, a group of families.
  • Breed count
    Breed count is a microscope method of counting bacteria in a dried, stained film of milk.
  • Lachrymal fluid
    Lachrymal fluid is the tears.
  • Porins
    Porins is channel containing proteins that span the outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria.
  • Plasmogamy
    Plasmogamy is the joining of two cells and the fusion of their protoplasts in the process of sexual reproduction.
  • Guarnieri bodies
    Guarnieri bodies is cytoplasmic inclusion bodies found in the epidermal cells of smallpox and chickenpox patients.
  • Sporicide
    Sporicide is an agent that kills spores.