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Biogenesis is the production of living organisms only from other living organisms. Compare spontaneous generation.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Potable
    Potable is suitable for drinking.
  • Droplet nucleus
    Droplet nucleus airborne particle containing viable microbes.
  • Fermentation
    Fermentation is the anaerobic oxidation of compounds by the enzyme action of microorganisms; neither gaseous oxygen nor a respiratory
  • Intracellular
    Intracellular within a cell.
  • Apothecium
    Apothecium is a sexual fruiting body in a fungus.
  • Bacteriostasis
    Bacteriostasis is the inhibition of the growth and reproduction of bacteria without killing them.
  • Gametangium, pl. gametangia
    Gametangium, pl. gametangia is sex organelle of fungi.