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Dermatotropic, having a selective affinity for the skin.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Rhizoid
    Rhizoid is a single-celled or multi cellular hair like structure having the appearance of a root.
  • Lipolytic enzyme
    Lipolytic enzyme is an enzyme that hydrolyzes lipids.
  • MPN
    MPN most probable number, a statistical expression of estimating cell number in a culture.
  • Chemolithotroph
    Chemolithotroph is an organism that uses in organic compounds as electron donors and relies on chemical compounds for energy.
  • Fluorescence microscopy
    Fluorescence microscopy is a microscopy in which cells or their components are stained with a fluorescent dye and thus appear as
  • Teichoic acid
    Teichoic acid polymers of ribitol phosphate or glycerol phosphate which occur in the walls of certain Gram-positive bacteria.
  • Lysogenic bacteria
    Lysogenic bacteria is bacteria that carry prophases.