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Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to create documents for the WWW.

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    An account is an accounting record of increases and decreases in a specific asset, liability, or owner’s equity item. In its simplest form, an account consists of ...
  • Start frame delimiter (SFD)
    Start frame delimiter (SFD) is a field in the Ethernet 802.3 frame that defines the beginning of the packet.
  • Standalone computer
    Standalone computer is a computer that’s not attached to a network.
  • Brush Navel Connector (BNC)
    Bayonet out connector of Brush Navel Connector (BNC) (preferred Microsoft usage) also known as bayonet navy connector or bayonet
  • Committed Information Rate (CIR)
    Committed Information Rate (CIR) is a performance measurement of guaranteed throughput rates.
  • Domain
    A uniquely named collection of user accounts and resources that share a common security database, called domain.
  • 802.1
    802.1 is the IEEE specification within Project 802 for the OSI reference model and for internetworking and routing behavior at the