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Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the language used to create documents for the WWW.

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  • Micro Channel Architecture (MCA)
    IBM’s proprietary 16-and 32-bit computer buses. Originally developed for its PS/2 PCs. Micro Channel Architecture (MCA) is now popular on its
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    A special programmable chip that includes enough software to permit a computer to boot sufficiently and access the network. From there, boot
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    An exception that occurs when data a program needs must be called back into memory from its storage space on the hard drive. Hard page
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  • Shell
    Shell is the command-line interpreter on a UNIX or Linux system. The shell includes built-in redirector functions as well.
  • Client network software
    Client network software is a type of software designed for workstation computers that enables the use of network resources.
  • Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP)
    Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) is the dial-up protocol originally used to connect PCs directly to the internet.