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Icosahedron is a solid formed of 20 triangular faces and 12 corners; the geometrical shape of many virions.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Pilus
    Pilus means any filamentous appendage other than flagella on certain Gram-negative bacteria.
  • Polypeptide
    Polypeptide is a molecule consisting of many joined amino acids.
  • Gametangium, pl. gametangia
    Gametangium, pl. gametangia is sex organelle of fungi.
  • Cytokine sis
    Cytokine sis is the division of the cytoplasm following nuclear division.
  • Siderophores
    Siderophores means iron-binding compounds formed by microorganisms.
  • Nitrogen fixation
    Nitrogen fixation is the formation of ammonia from free atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Autolysis
    Autolysis is the disintegration of cells by the action of their own enzymes.