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Liquid market

Liquid/ Stock market is a market in which stock can be bought and sold fairly easily through an organized exchange or marketplace.

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  • Common stock
    Common stock refers to the stock that is issued more broadly than preferred stock and that gives the stockholders voting rights and elect the board of directors of the firm.
  • Supply Chain Management
    Supply chain management is the coordination of the flow of all information, money, and material that moves through a product’s supply chain.
  • Franchisor
    Franchisor refers to a firm with a successful product or service that enters into a franchising agreement to license its trademark and method of doing business...
  • Summary Plan
    A summary business plan is 10 to 50 pages long and works best for companies that are very early in their development and are not prepared to write a full plan.
  • Inventory
    Inventory refers to a company’s merchandise, raw materials, and products waiting to be sold.
  • Resource Leverage
    Resource leverage is referred to as the process of adapting a company's core competencies to exploit new opportunities.
  • Venture capital
    Venture capital is money that is invested by venture capital firms in start-ups and small businesses with exceptional growth potential.