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Liquid market

Liquid/ Stock market is a market in which stock can be bought and sold fairly easily through an organized exchange or marketplace.

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  • Follow-on funding
    Follow-on funding means the additional funding for a firm following the initial investment made by investors.
  • Niche market
    A niche market is a place within a market segment that represents a narrow group of customers with similar interests.
  • Secondary market offering
    Any later public issuance of shares after the initial public offering is referred to as a secondary market offering.
  • Operational Business Plan
    Some established business will write an audience an operational business plan which is intended primarily for an internal audience. An operational business plan...
  • Merchandise & Character Licensing
    Merchandise & Character Licensing is the licensing of a recognized trademark or brand that the licensor typically controls through a registered trademark or copyright.
  • Spin-out
    Spin-out refers to the opposite of a spin-in that occurs when a larger company divests itself of one of its smaller divisions and the division becomes an independent company.
  • Advertising
    Advertising refers to any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, or services by an identified sponsor. Advertising includes...