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Ribosomal RNA

Ribosomal RNA is the RNA of the ribosome constituting about 90 percent of total cellular RNA.

Category: Microbiology
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  • X factor
    X factor is heme; required for the growth of certain Haemophilus spp.
  • Modulator
    Modulator is the regulatory metabolite that binds to the allosteric site if an enzyme and alters the maximum velocity. Also called effectors, modifier.
  • Latent
    Latent is not obvious or manifest; a disease carrier who shows no symptoms has a latent infection.
  • Pus
    Pus is the fluid product of inflammation, containing serum, bacteria, dead cells, and leukocytes.
  • Lysin
    Lysin is an enzyme, antibody, or other substance capable of disrupting or disintegrating cells (lysis).
  • Transformation
    Transformation is the phenomenon by which certain bacteria incorporate DNA from related strains into their genetic makeup.
  • Endemic
    Endemic with reference to a disease, one that has a low incidence but which is constantly present in a particular geographic region.