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RNA is a nucleic acid occurring in the cytoplasm and the nucleolus, containing phosphoric acid, p-ribose, adenine, guanine, cytosine, and Uralic.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Antigen
    Antigen is a substance that when introduced into an animal body stimulates the production of specific substances that react or unite with the substance introduce.
  • Modulator
    Modulator is the regulatory metabolite that binds to the allosteric site if an enzyme and alters the maximum velocity. Also called effectors, modifier.
  • Yeast
    Yeast is a kind of fungus that is unicellular and lacks typical mycelia.
  • Tetracycline’s
    Tetracycline’s is a chemical class of broad-spectrum antibiotics which inhibit protein synthesis.
  • Droplet nucleus
    Droplet nucleus airborne particle containing viable microbes.
  • Dermato
    Dermato is a prefix meaning “skin”.
  • Bloom
    Bloom is a colored area on the face of a body of water caused by heavy growth of plankton.