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RNA polymerase

RNA polymerase is an enzyme that synthesis mRNA on a DNA template.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Hybridization
    Hybridization is the act of producing hybrids, i. e., offspring from genetically dissimilar strains.
  • Basic dye
    Basic dye is a due consisting of a basic organic grouping of atoms which is the actively staining part, combined with an acid, usually inorganic, the
  • Reverse transcriptase
    Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme for the synthesis of a DNA molecule using RNA as a template.
  • Structural gene
    Structural gene is a gene coding for the structure of a protein.
  • Gnotobiotic
    Gnotobiotic is pertaining to higher organisms living in the absence of all demonstrable viable organisms other than those known to be present.
  • Lyophilization
    Lyophilization is the preservation of biological specimens by rapid freezing and rapid dehydration in a high vacuum.
  • Zymosan
    Zymosan is an extract of yeast cell walls.