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rRNA is the RNA of the ribosome constituting about 90 percent of total cellular RNA.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Tetracycline’s
    Tetracycline’s is a chemical class of broad-spectrum antibiotics which inhibit protein synthesis.
  • Tribe
    Tribe is a division of the plant, animal, or microbial kingdoms containing a number of related genera within a family.
  • Oxidase test
    Oxidase test is a test for the presence of cytochrome c; in a positive test, colonies become purple when treated with tetraethyl-p-
  • Coenzyme F420
    Coenzyme F420 is a flavinlike coenzyme unique to methanogenic bacteria and which fluoresces under ultraviolet light.
  • Nucleoprotein
    Nucleoprotein is a molecular complex composed of nucleic acid and protein.
  • Schizogony
    Schizogony is a sexual reproduction by multiple fission of a trophozoite (a vegetative protozoan).
  • Reduction
    Reduction is a chemical process involving the removal of oxygen, the addition of hydrogen atoms, or the gain of electrons.