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Steroid is a complex chemical substance containing the tertracyclic carbon ring system of the sterols; steroids are often used as therapeutic agents.

Category: Microbiology
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    Vegetative stage is the stage of active growth, as opposed to the resting or spore stages.
  • Aperture
    Aperture is the magnitude of the angle subtended by the optical axis and the outermost rays still covered by the objective.
  • Colony
    Colony is a macroscopically visible growth of microorganisms on a solid culture medium.
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    Toxigenicity is the ability to produce a toxin.
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    Intercellular between cells.
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    Amold W. Johnson has defined Internal Audit. “Internal Auditing is the independent appraisal activity within an organization for the review of
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    Exoenzyme is an enzyme excreted by a microorganism into the environment. Also called extracellular enzyme.