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Steroid is a complex chemical substance containing the tertracyclic carbon ring system of the sterols; steroids are often used as therapeutic agents.

Category: Microbiology
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  • Vascular
    Vascular containing specialized vassals for the conduction of fluids: blood and lymph in animals, sap and water in plants.
  • Ultrasonic waves
    Ultrasonic waves is sound waves of high intensity (beyond the audible range), used for the destruction of microbes or the cleaning of materials.
  • Respiratory chin
    Respiratory chin is a sequence of oxidation-redaction reactions by which electrons are transferred from an oxidizable substrate to an exogenous
  • Pathogen
    Pathogen is an organism capable of producing disease.
  • Transformation
    Transformation is the phenomenon by which certain bacteria incorporate DNA from related strains into their genetic makeup.
  • Halophile
    Halophile is a microorganism whose growth is accelerated by or dependent on high salt concentrations.
  • Karyogamy
    Karyogamy is the fusion of gametic nuclei, as in fertilization.