Different Types of Banking System

The structure of banking system is defined on the basis of organizational characteristics

11 Features of A Central Bank

The significance of a central bank lies in its function of managing the monetary system

Reformulating procedures of owner’s equity

The word reformulating means that make some things in a different way by following the

Power in Organization and the use of this power

Power is one of the most significant forces in an organization which can be extremely

Understanding the concept of Franchising and its Pros & Cons

Franchising is an opportunity for many people who are willing take a Franchise and start

Key areas which helps to build career in finance

Want to study in Finance and build career in this discipline? Then you should know the

Rain Check

Rain Checks are basically a kind of commitment to buyers who couldn't avail of the sale price of a product. These are free tickets

Network Marketing

Network Marketing refers to the wide range of networks one can create in his/her business in order to generate sales and earn commission

Gamma Squeeze

A Gamma Squeeze is similar to a short squeeze in which it forces extra stock-buying activity owing to open possible alternative holdings

Irrevocable Trust

Irrevocable Trust basically means an unchangeable or irreversible or unmodified trust by the grantor who has already signed to set

Great Recession

Great Recession was a broad decrease in national economies including gross domestic products and unemployment rates throughout the

Living Trust

Living Trust is a legal instrument or policy made during a person's lifetime that entrusts the management of that person's assets for

Proportional Relationship

Proportional Relationship means equivalency between two variables that relate to each other and maintain a set proportion.

Capital Guarantee

Capital Guarantee is one type of investment plan that protects an investor's investment from loss. These are a few sorts of risk-free