Different Types of Banking System

The structure of banking system is defined on the basis of organizational characteristics

11 Features of A Central Bank

The significance of a central bank lies in its function of managing the monetary system

Reformulating procedures of owner’s equity

The word reformulating means that make some things in a different way by following the

Power in Organization and the use of this power

Power is one of the most significant forces in an organization which can be extremely

Understanding the concept of Franchising and its Pros & Cons

Franchising is an opportunity for many people who are willing take a Franchise and start

Key areas which helps to build career in finance

Want to study in Finance and build career in this discipline? Then you should know the

Morale in Organizations

Morale is the attitude workers have toward the quality of their total work life. In reality, morale is a measurement of the quality

What is a product?

A product is more than meets the eye. It is the total package that brings satisfaction to a consumer.

Cumulative frequency

Cumulative frequency – a method of grouping the frequencies of the value of some variables by adding the frequencies not ...

Line Graph

A line graph shows the value of one variable and how it changes against the value of another. It gives a picture of the trend, and


Quorum is the fixed minimum number of members of an organization or society who must be present at a meeting for its business to be


Report means an orderly, objective message used to convey information from one organizational area to another or from one institution

International Standard Book Number (ISBN)

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) – an international system where published books are each awarded a unique number. It is


Whiteboarding– The equivalent of using blackboard, but on a computer screen. A whiteboard allows one or more users to draw on the

Subject line

Subject line refers to the place in an e-mail message header where you are able to very briefly describe the contents of the e-mail

Abbreviation of VDU

VDU – Visual Display Unit