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Occasion - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'Occasion' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Occasion [ n.]
- A falling out, happening, or coming to pass; hence, that which falls out or happens; occurrence; incident.
- A favorable opportunity; a convenient or timely chance; convenience.
- An occurrence or condition of affairs which brings with it some unlooked-for event; that which incidentally brings to pass an event, without being its efficient cause or sufficient reason; accidental or incidental cause.
- Need; exigency; requirement; necessity; as, I have no occasion for firearms.
- A reason or excuse; a motive; a persuasion.
2 . Occasion [ v. t.]
- To give occasion to; to cause; to produce; to induce; as, to occasion anxiety.

Meaning of 'Occasion' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . occasion [ n]
Meaning (1):
- a vaguely specified social event
Example in sentence:
  • a seemingly endless round of social functions;
  • an occasion arranged to honor the president;
  • the party was quite an affair
Meaning (2):
- an event that occurs at a critical time
Example in sentence:
  • at such junctures he always had an impulse to leave;
  • it was needed only on special occasions
Meaning (3):
- the time of a particular event
Example in sentence:
  • on the occasion of his 60th birthday
Meaning (4):
- an opportunity to do something
Example in sentence:
  • there was never an occasion for her to demonstrate her skill
Meaning (5):
- reason
Example in sentence:
  • there was no occasion for complaint