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deliberate - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'deliberate' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Deliberate [ a.]
- Weighing facts and arguments with a view to a choice or decision; carefully considering the probable consequences of a step; circumspect; slow in determining; -- applied to persons; as, a deliberate judge or counselor.
- Formed with deliberation; well-advised; carefully considered; not sudden or rash; as, a deliberate opinion; a deliberate measure or result.
- Not hasty or sudden; slow.
2 . Deliberate [ v. i.]
- To take counsel with one's self; to weigh the arguments for and against a proposed course of action; to reflect; to consider; to hesitate in deciding; -- sometimes with on, upon, about, concerning.
3 . Deliberate [ v. t.]
- To weigh in the mind; to consider the reasons for and against; to consider maturely; to reflect upon; to ponder; as, to deliberate a question.

Meaning of 'deliberate' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . deliberate [ v]
Meaning (1):
- think about carefully; weigh
Example in sentence:
  • They considered the possibility of a strike;
  • Turn the proposal over in your mind
2 . deliberate [ s]
Meaning (2):
- carefully thought out in advance
Example in sentence:
  • a calculated insult;
  • he made a deliberate decision not to respond negatively;
  • with measured irony
Meaning (3):
- characterized by conscious design or purpose
Example in sentence:
  • a deliberate attempt to provoke a response;
  • a knowing act of fraud;
  • intentional damage
Meaning (4):
- unhurried and with care and dignity
Example in sentence:
  • walking at the same measured pace;
  • with all deliberate speed