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Meaning of 'journal' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Journal [ a.]
- Daily; diurnal.
- A diary; an account of daily transactions and events.
- A book of accounts, in which is entered a condensed and grouped statement of the daily transactions.
- A daily register of the ship's course and distance, the winds, weather, incidents of the voyage, etc.
- The record of daily proceedings, kept by the clerk.
- A newspaper published daily; by extension, a weekly newspaper or any periodical publication, giving an account of passing events, the proceedings and memoirs of societies, etc.
- That which has occurred in a day; a day's work or travel; a day's journey.
- That portion of a rotating piece, as a shaft, axle, spindle, etc., which turns in a bearing or box. See Illust. of Axle box.

Meaning of 'journal' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . journal [ n]
Meaning (1):
- a periodical dedicated to a particular subject
Example in sentence:
  • he reads the medical journals