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mould - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'mould' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Mould
- Alt. of Mouldy
2 . Mould [ n.]
- A growth of minute fungi of various kinds, esp. those of the great groups Hyphomycetes, and Physomycetes, forming on damp or decaying organic matter.
- The matrix, or cavity, in which anything is shaped, and from which it takes its form; also, the body or mass containing the cavity; as, a sand mold; a jelly mold.
- That on which, or in accordance with which, anything is modeled or formed; anything which serves to regulate the size, form, etc., as the pattern or templet used by a shipbuilder, carpenter, or mason.
- Cast; form; shape; character.
- A group of moldings; as, the arch mold of a porch or doorway; the pier mold of a Gothic pier, meaning the whole profile, section, or combination of parts.
- A fontanel.
- A frame with a wire cloth bottom, on which the pump is drained to form a sheet, in making paper by hand.
3 . Mould [ v.]
- Crumbling, soft, friable earth; esp., earth containing the remains or constituents of organic matter, and suited to the growth of plants; soil.
- Earthy material; the matter of which anything is formed; composing substance; material.
4 . Mould [ v. i.]
- To become moldy; to be covered or filled, in whole or in part, with a mold.
5 . Mould [ v. t.]
- To cover with mold or soil.
- To cause to become moldy; to cause mold to grow upon.
- To form into a particular shape; to shape; to model; to fashion.
- To ornament by molding or carving the material of; as, a molded window jamb.
- To knead; as, to mold dough or bread.
- To form a mold of, as in sand, in which a casting may be made.

Meaning of 'mould' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . mould [ n]
Meaning (1):
- a dish or dessert that is formed in or on a mold
Example in sentence:
  • a gelatin dessert made in a mold;
  • a lobster mold
Meaning (2):
- a distinctive nature, character, or type
Example in sentence:
  • a leader in the mold of her predecessors
Meaning (3):
- the distinctive form in which a thing is made
Example in sentence:
  • pottery of this cast was found throughout the region
4 . mould [ v]
Meaning (4):
- form by pouring (e.g., wax or hot metal) into a cast or mold
Example in sentence:
  • cast a bronze sculpture
Meaning (5):
- make something, usually for a specific function
Example in sentence:
  • Form cylinders from the dough;
  • shape a figure;
  • She molded the rice balls carefully;
  • Work the metal into a sword
Meaning (6):
- form in clay, wax, etc
Example in sentence:
  • model a head with clay