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restrain - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'restrain' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Restrain [ v. t.]
- To draw back again; to hold back from acting, proceeding, or advancing, either by physical or moral force, or by any interposing obstacle; to repress or suppress; to keep down; to curb.
- To draw back toghtly, as a rein.
- To hinder from unlimited enjoiment; to abridge.
- To limit; to confine; to restrict.
- To withhold; to forbear.

Meaning of 'restrain' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . restrain [ v]
Meaning (1):
- to close within bounds, or otherwise limit or deprive of free movement
Example in sentence:
  • About a dozen animals were held inside the stockade;
  • The illegal immigrants were held at a detention center;
  • The terrorists held the journalists for ransom;
  • This holds the local until the express passengers change trains
Meaning (2):
- prevent the action or expression of
Example in sentence:
  • hold back your anger;
  • keep your cool;
  • she struggled to restrain her impatience at the delays
Meaning (3):
- prevent (someone or something) from doing something
Example in sentence:
  • security guards restrained the reporter from throwing another shoe