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shave - Meaning and Examples

Meaning of 'shave' (Webster Dictionary)

1 . Shave
- obs. p. p. of Shave.
2 . Shave [ v. i.]
- To use a razor for removing the beard; to cut closely; hence, to be hard and severe in a bargain; to practice extortion; to cheat.
3 . Shave [ v. t.]
- To cut or pare off from the surface of a body with a razor or other edged instrument; to cut off closely, as with a razor; as, to shave the beard.
- To make bare or smooth by cutting off closely the surface, or surface covering, of; especially, to remove the hair from with a razor or other sharp instrument; to take off the beard or hair of; as, to shave the face or the crown of the head; he shaved himself.
- To cut off thin slices from; to cut in thin slices.
- To skim along or near the surface of; to pass close to, or touch lightly, in passing.
- To strip; to plunder; to fleece.
- A thin slice; a shaving.
- A cutting of the beard; the operation of shaving.
- An exorbitant discount on a note.
- A premium paid for an extension of the time of delivery or payment, or for the right to vary a stock contract in any particular.
- A hand tool consisting of a sharp blade with a handle at each end; a drawing knife; a spokeshave.
- The act of passing very near to, so as almost to graze; as, the bullet missed by a close shave.

Meaning of 'shave' (Princeton's WordNet)

1 . shave [ v]
Meaning (1):
- touch the surface of lightly
Example in sentence:
  • His back shaved the counter in passing
Meaning (2):
- make shavings of or reduce to shavings
Example in sentence:
  • shave the radish
Meaning (3):
- cut or remove with or as if with a plane
Example in sentence:
  • The machine shaved off fine layers from the piece of wood
Meaning (4):
- cut closely
Example in sentence:
  • trim my beard