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Cat5 vs. Cat6 Cable with Their Definitions, Efficiency and Examples

Network cables - CAT5 and CAT6 are used in computer systems, access points, and devices connected to ports, routers, and

Acrylic vs. Latex Paint with Their Advantages, Drawbacks and Examples

Choosing between acrylic or latex paint is hard but when it comes to renovating the house or repairing the sofa, you have

Uses of market measures and Stock Market Concept

When most investors refer to the term ‘market”, they mean the stock market according to some market index or indicator

Production Methods : Definition, Types, Factors, Quality and Cost Impact

Production methods are the systematic processes, techniques, and procedures used to create goods and services. These methods

To start digital marketing

The product or service is marketed in many ways on the Internet almost every day, such as on mobile SMS, e-mails

Leadership & Styles of leadership

Whenever one person influences an individual or group toward accomplishing an objective, leadership occurs. Leadership is

How to Maximize Stock Price and Also Benefit Society

There is an ongoing debate in the business world regarding whether actions aimed at maximizing a company's stock price can

Specific Tasks and Responsibilities of a Finance Staff in a Firm

Finance staff are the unsung heroes behind a firm's financial stability. They are the financial architects who meticulously

The importance of human resources management

For an organization to survive and prosper it must be able to identify, select, develop, and retain qualified personnel.

Aids to International Trade

A number of aids facilitate international trade. These, as the list below shows, include international agreements ...

Labor Union: Basic Principles, Purpose and Roles

A labor union is a legally sanctioned, formally organized association of workers who have united to represent their ...

Development of a Group

There are generally thought to be four distinct stages in the development of a group. These are commonly referred to as:

Group Success Factors with Roles and Responsibilities of a Group Leader

A group's success can make the difference between a successful organization and one that is having trouble surviving...

When Moneybag/ Wallet is Smart!

Money, visiting cards, tickets – many of same things can be kept in Moneybag. But in the digital era, the electronic alternatives

Structure of a Short Informal Report

This type of report is sometimes written on memo-headed paper, but the presentation can vary. The format of a memorandum

Style of Report

The style of a report should be factual and objective. Just as the writing style you choose for a letter or memo depends

Ground Rules for Meetings

Every meeting needs rules however informal it might be. These can be very rigid, as found in the Standing Orders for an Annual

Checklist for Good Business Letters

Keep the basic aims in mind. Plan the letter’s points before starting to write.

Format of Business Letter

The company’s house style will also include rules on the layout of its business letters and will probably use one of the