Additive Tasks

Definition (1):

Additive Tasks for which the group product is the sum or combination of the efforts of individual members.

Definition (2):

Additive Tasks are jobs or projects that the mass of people can undertake by assembling the advantages or intentions of individual persons. Generally, these types of jobs are more often not divisible, these are capitalized on a process that needs quite minimal planning of individuals.

Definition (3):

“Tasks in which group performance is dependent on the sum of the performance of individual group members.” For example, building an office building can estimate the probable speed of construction by summing up the efforts of each carpenter. For these tasks, group performance is increased with the size of the group.

These tasks permit a team or group to work independently with outcomes adding or summing up towards a common objective or goal. For instance, a sales team where every closed deal moves the team nearer or closer to its target revenue.

Use of the term in Sentences:

  • The team members of the marketing team found it simpler and easier to divide their projects into additive tasks.
  • Jim prefers additive tasks because they allow a group to work independently.
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