Meaningless speech like sounds made by children from around the age of 3 months through 1 year, known as babble.

Babble refers to speech sounds made by infants from which recognisable language develops.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Babble
- Idle talk; senseless prattle; gabble; twaddle.
- Inarticulate speech; constant or confused murmur.
2. Babble
- To utter words indistinctly or unintelligibly; to utter inarticulate sounds; as a child babbles.
- To talk incoherently; to utter unmeaning words.
- To talk much; to chatter; to prate.
- To make a continuous murmuring noise, as shallow water running over stones.
- To utter in an indistinct or incoherent way; to repeat, as words, in a childish way without understanding.
- To disclose by too free talk, as a secret.
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