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What Is Business Enterprise? Types of What Is Business Enterprise with Example

What is Business Enterprise?

Business Enterprise is a corporation that sells its products or services for a profit-making purpose. For accounting and tax concerns, it might be structured in a variety of forms. Whatever the framework, the for-profit part is always present.

Understanding Business Enterprise

An individual or company that spots a market opportunity and starts a venture is referred to as a business enterprise. There are numerous ways why business ideas emerge. This is frequently due to an individual's belief that they or others have an unfulfilled demand, a desire to make a social impact, or a desire to generate money. 

Many new businesses try to fulfill a particular function or pick an existing gap. They accomplish this by selling items in the hands of the consumer. A businessman may set up an enterprise because they feel there is a market for such products and services they want to offer in the market. 

Types of Business Enterprises

There are different sorts of businesses that offer a diverse range of benefits or products. As per the phase of manufacture, business enterprises have three different types of sectors-

Primary sector

Industries in the primary sector are those which are at the start of the manufacturing system. These firms ensure that raw resources are developed and processed so that they can be utilized by other enterprises later.

Secondary sector

The secondary sector is made up of businesses that are involved in the second stage of manufacturing. These enterprises generate new commodities from raw resources obtained from the primary sector. Automobile makers, for example, employ raw materials to construct new vehicles that they then sell to customers.

Tertiary sector

Financial institutions that assist people in getting debts and airlines that allow people to fly all over the world are examples of tertiary sector businesses.

Practical Example

Business enterprises include any kind of shops or stores you find in your area and purchase products or services through payment.

Amazon is also a business enterprise that sells different types of products to consumers. Their main purpose is to make a profit and fill the gap in the market as well as define customer needs. 

In Sentences

  • A business enterprise is any form of organization that is engaged in the supply of goods or services with a profit-making goal.


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