Daily backup

Definition (1):

Daily backup copies all modified data on the day of the backup.

Definition (2):

A daily backup keeps a backup for just those files that have been modified the same day when the backup is done. It examines the changes or modifications date stored with the directory entry of each file for determining whether a file needs to be backed up. These backups do not reset the archive bit. Differential or incremental backups relying on the archive bit instead of the modification date are considered more reliable.

Definition (3):

Daily backup is a key service featured in the hosting providers’ offerings.  The motive of this service is to offer you the lost data’s automatic recovery. The data can be accidentally lost due to many reasons such as human error, through the electrical surge, the latest virus release, natural disasters like earthquake, fire, or flood. You may depend on first-class hardware to store the online information, but you can never be completely ensured against system failure and data loss due to that reason. These are places where this service can be undoubtedly helpful.

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