Deadline Technique

Definition (1):

Deadline Technique is a technique for increasing compliance in which target persons are told that they have only limited time to take advantage of some offer or to obtain some item.

Definition (2):

Scarcity plays a chief role in persuading people to buy a certain item. The scarcity principle or tactic functions on the worth individuals are attached to things. Scarcity states that less available things are more valuable. It is a technique that is applied in an indirect and common way affecting all people at a certain point or another. The scarcity principle discusses 2 crucial techniques or factors. The first one is the limited number technique and the second one is the deadline technique.

 The deadline technique adds an official time limit on the availability of the product. This tactic directly develops an emotional experience getting in the path of cognition or generates a psychological reactance. When there is a sign saying- “only for a limited time” creates a psychological impact or affects people’s emotions. It generates an unstable condition in the brain causing people not to think straight or as straight as they would like. Thus, they spend or buy products not because they require those but because the advertising stimulates them to feel like they require those.

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