Dependence refers to used in at least three senses (and sometimes written ‘dependency’).  (I) In science generally, if one thing is thought to be caused by another it is said to be dependent on it. (2) In CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY a person is said to be dependent on someone or something to the extent that he needs that thing or person in order to go about his regular activities. (3) In SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY it is sometimes used to refer to the way in which people in a group rely on each other for a definition of reality.   

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Dependence
- The act or state of depending; state of being dependent; a hanging down or from; suspension from a support.
- The state of being influenced and determined by something; subjection (as of an effect to its cause).
- Mutu/// /onnection and support; concatenation; systematic ///er relation.
- Subjection to the direction or disposal of another; inability to help or provide for one's self.
- A resting with confidence; reliance; trust.
- That on which one depends or relies; as, he was her sole dependence.
- That which depends; anything dependent or suspended; anything attached a subordinate to, or contingent on, something else.
- A matter depending, or in suspense, and still to be determined; ground of controversy or quarrel.
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