The musculotendinous diaphragm seals the inferior thoracic aperture.

Generally, muscle fibers of the diaphragm arise radially, from the margins of the inferior thoracic aperture, and converge into a large central tendon.

Because of the oblique angle of the inferior thoracic aperture, the posterior attachment of the diaphragm is inferior to the anterior attachment.

The diaphragm is not flat; rather, it "balloons" superiorly, on both the right and left sides, to form domes. The right dome is higher than the left, reaching as far as rib V.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Diaphragm
- A dividing membrane or thin partition, commonly with an opening through it.
- The muscular and tendinous partition separating the cavity of the chest from that of the abdomen; the midriff.
- A calcareous plate which divides the cavity of certain shells into two parts.
- A plate with an opening, which is generally circular, used in instruments to cut off marginal portions of a beam of light, as at the focus of a telescope.
- A partition in any compartment, for various purposes.
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