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E-mail is an abbreviation for electronic mail, a networked application that permits users to send text messages, with or without attachments of many kinds, to individual or multiple users, or to named groups of users.


E-mail, which refers to sending messages or files electronically, was one of the first Internet tools. It is a system that allows people who are linked through a network to electronically communicate with each other, in written form, at any time, from anywhere in the world. A user sends an electronic message over a network; the message is stored in the electronic mailbox of the receiver. The electronic mailbox is usually a file on a server; the messages in it can be retrieved when the recipient is ready to receive them. User can also edit, sort, save, and classify messages and forward them to other individuals on the network. Some E-mail systems have multimedia capabilities allowing E-mail users to send not only text, but also multimedia messages.

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