Hermaphrodite is a person or animal with both male and female sex organs.

For example, majority of opisthobranch snails, tunicates, pulmonate snails, slugs and plants are hermaphrodites. Hermaphroditism is also discovered in some fish species.

Webster Dictionary Meaning

1. Hermaphrodite
- Including, or being of, both sexes; as, an hermaphrodite animal or flower.
2. Hermaphrodite
- An individual which has the attributes of both male and female, or which unites in itself the two sexes; an animal or plant having the parts of generation of both sexes, as when a flower contains both the stamens and pistil within the same calyx, or on the same receptacle. In some cases reproduction may take place without the union of the distinct individuals. In the animal kingdom true hermaphrodites are found only among the invertebrates. See Illust. in Appendix, under Helminths.
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