Heterogeneous & Homogeneous team

Definition (1):

A heterogeneous team is a team whose individual members are diverse in terms of their abilities and experiences.

A homogenous team is a team whose individual member’s experiences and areas of expertise are very similar to one another; they are likely to have different points of view about technology, hiring decisions, competitive tactics, and other important activities.

Definition (2):

A homogeneous team consists of people, who are very much similar, having similar points of view, learning life experiences, and abilities. A heterogeneous team includes a mixture of cultures, ages, genders, and races that gives a wider range of opinions and life experiences.

A homogeneous team sometimes provides equal access and participation of team members because the chance for exclusion is less. Members of this team have an easier time comprehending verbal and nonverbal communications of each other and have more common shared experiences. These similarities can, to some extent, avoid prejudices, misunderstandings, and arguably, foster work processes and the tasks’ completion. But this is not always possible as personality conflicts can take place within homogeneous teams as easily as within heterogeneous teams.

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