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Manufacturing information system

Definition (1):

The manufacturing information system is a system that supports the manufacturing functions of purchasing, receiving, quality control, inventory management, material requirements planning, capacity planning, production scheduling, and plant design.

The term manufacturing information system actually applies to both manufacturing and service environments.

Definition (2):

Manufacturing information system means- “A computer-based system that works in conjunction with other functional information systems to support the firm's management in solving problems that relate to manufacturing the firm's products.”

Definition (3):

The manufacturing information system refers to the management information system that is designed for use anywhere manufacturing or production is occurring. Generally, nowadays management information systems are computerized and are planned for collecting and presenting the data which managers require for planning and directing functions within the organization.

Manufacturing plant control includes many operational and tactical functions addressing different types of operations related to manufacturing. These operations range from receiving raw materials to the shipping of finished products, from production to equipment maintenance, through movements of inventory and quality tests of materials, and from lines of customer orders to dispatching of works. Along with these operations, the manufacturing operations are controlled.

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