Neuroscience perspective

Definition (1):

It means the approach that views behavior from the perspective of the brain, the nervous system, and other biological functions.

Definition (2):

This perspective considers how people and nonhumans function biologically: how individual nerve cells are joined together, how the inheritance of certain characteristics from parents and other ancestors' influences behavior, how the functioning of the body affects hopes and fears, which behaviors are instinctual and so forth.

Even more complex kinds of behaviors, such as a body’s response to strangers, are viewed as having critical biological components by psychologists who embrace this perspective. This perspective includes the study of heredity and evolution, which considers how heredity may influence behavior; and behavioral neuroscience, which examines how the brain and the nervous system affect behavior.

Use of the Term in Sentences:

  • The neurosurgeon will explain this case to you from the neuroscience perspective.
  • The professor is discussing the neuroscience perspective of aggression.
  • Can you please explain this behavior from the neuroscience perspective?
  • The neuroscience perspective can explain this behavior more appropriately.
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