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Race is a division of humankind with certain distinguishing characteristics in common which indicate distinctive origins.

Definition Two:

Race is a socially defined category of people who share genetically transmitted physical characteristics.

Race is an anthropological term denoting a biological sub-division of human beings with a common genetic ancestry. This common ancestry produces common physical characteristics such as skin colour, facial structure and size. There is no such thing as a pure race; every physical characteristic can be found, however infrequently, in every large human subgroup. It is suggested from time to time that a particular minority subgroup is inferior in intelligence to the majority subgroup. At the beginning of this century it was Jews; more recently it has been Blacks. There has never been any clear evidence for this viewpoint and a lot of evidence against it. Even if we accepted for the sake of argument that there was a pure race and that intelligence tests measured intelligence, those tests remain educationally, culturally and socially biased against ethnic minority groups.

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