Socio-emotional leader

Definition (1):

The individual who may emerge in a small group as the person who keeps up the morale and facilitates the interpersonal relationships of the group is called a socio-emotional leader.

Definition (2):

A socio-emotional leader is an individual who leads people to chase supportive roles. They are also known as social-emotional leaders.

Definition (3):

A socio-emotional leader is a leader who is concerned with lifting up the morale of her/his group or team at a high level through driving away fears, reducing tension, mediating in conflicts, and settling arguments and disagreements.

These leaders are usually more accepting and supportive of subordinates. They search for the opportunities of showing concern for their subordinates’ welfare. They apply unconditional reinforcement by accepting employees and recognizing their worth apart from goal achievement and task performance. They give efforts for building up and affirming their subordinates’ self-concept. A task leader’s main concern is building relationships and employee satisfaction.

The socio-emotional leader's initial objective is maintaining a high-quality relationship with team members. S/he focuses on the well-being of the group and boosts harmony and reduces conflict and disagreement in a group.

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