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The term Acceptance means an undertaking by the drawee (who then becomes the “acceptor”), of a Bill of Exchange to pay to the person presenting the bill (called the holder in due course) the face value of the bill on the due date.

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  • Presenting Bank
    Presenting Bank is the collecting bank making presentation (of the collection) to the drawee.
  • Trade Creditors
    Trade Creditors organisations, which are owed money for goods and services supplied.
  • Certificate of Inspection
    Certificate of Inspection is a document certifying the quality, quantity and/or price of a given shipment of goods.
  • Back to Back Credits
    Back to Back Credits or Head and Counter Credits is a documentary credit (counter) taken out by an importer to allow purchase of goods required to meet a sale covered under an original (head) credit.
  • Inter corporate deposits
    Inter Corporate Deposits is to deposit another company not more than one month on 12% to 15% interest.It is easy to convert cash but having more risk.
  • Insolvent
    Insolvent is the condition when one is unable to pay one’s debt obligations when due.
  • Consignee
    Consignee is the intended receiver of a cargo shipment.