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The term Acceptance means an undertaking by the drawee (who then becomes the “acceptor”), of a Bill of Exchange to pay to the person presenting the bill (called the holder in due course) the face value of the bill on the due date.

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  • Operating Lease
    In generally, for a short-term and often voidable at the option of the lessee and lessor by a notice is called operating lease. In fact , Operating lease also is called "service lease" or "maintenance lease".
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    Advising Bank the bank that notifies the exporter of the opening of a documentary credit in their favour.
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    Call Date is date on which a bond may be redeemed before maturity at an option of the issuer.
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    Clean Bills of Lading are bills of Lading indicating that the goods were received in apparent good condition.
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  • Protest
    Protest is a solemn declaration by a Notary Public stating that he has demanded acceptance or payment of a bill of exchange and that it