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Activity refers to 1. A unit, organization, or installation performing a function or mission.  2. A function, mission, action, or collection of actions.  Also called ACT.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Collection asset
    Collection asset refers to a collection system, platform, or capability that is supporting, assigned, or attached to a particular commander.
  • Avenue of approach
    Avenue of approach— an air or ground route of an attacking force of a given size leading to its objective or to key terrain in its path. Also called AA.
  • Containership
    Containership refers to a ship, usually non-self-sustaining that is specially constructed and equipped to carry only containers without associated equipment, in all available ...
  • Air corridor
    Air corridor refers to a restricted air route of travel that is specified for use by friendly aircraft and established for the purpose of preventing friendly aircraft from...
  • Brigade combat team
    Brigade combat team refers to a combined arms team that forms the basic building block of the Army’s tactical formations. Also called BCT.
  • Combat information center
    Combat information center refers to the agency in a ship or aircraft that is manned and equipped to collect, display, evaluate, and disseminate tactical information ...
  • Chemical warfare
    Chemical warfare refers to all aspects of military operations involving the employment of lethal and incapacitating munitions/agents and the warning and protective...