Pre Foreclosure

What is Pre Foreclosure?

Pre Foreclosure is a formal notice from the lender indicating that the foreclosure procedure has started after a household fails on its loan repayments. The starting point of the foreclosure process is essentially known as pre-foreclosure. Its purpose is to allow householders to stay in their pre-foreclosure houses before they are foreclosed. 

Understanding Pre Foreclosure

The pre-foreclosure procedure is divided into several parts that start when you fail to make your monthly mortgage payments. When you apply for a mortgage and purchase a property, you promise to start paying against the loan amount. If you don't pay on time and the assets become pre-foreclosure, you break your creditor's contract.

When you realize you won't be capable of making a payout, the safest and first step is to notify your loan provider. While it might be the very last possible option you would like to do, creditors will usually work with householders to help them get back on their feet if they have been informed as soon as a crisis occurs.

Practical Example

James and one of his investor trainees just purchased a foreclosed home without knowing it was still in foreclosure. He only assumed he'd met a seller who was eager to sell.

After speaking with the creditor and gathering more details, he discovered that the property was in foreclosure. The homeowner had gone bankrupt the previous year and had not made a payment in a long time. As a result, completing due repayments was going to be expensive.

In Sentences

  • Pre-foreclosure is a legal procedure before a creditor takes possession of a property.
  • If a house owner misses a specific amount due, the creditor may submit a notice of default, triggering pre-foreclosure proceedings.


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