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Agent / Agency Agreement

Agent / Agency Agreement: An agent is an independent person or legal entity that acts on behalf of another (the “principal”).

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  • Official reserve transactions balance
    Official reserve transactions balance is the current account balance plus items in the capital account.
  • Asset transformation
    Asset transformation is the process of turning risky assets into safer assets for investors by creating and selling assets with risk characteristics that people are
  • Regulatory arbitrage
    Regulatory arbitrage is a process in which banks keep on their books assets that have the same risk-based capital requirement but are relatively risky, such as a loan to a company with a very low credit
  • Retrospective rating
    Retrospective rating is a type of merit-rating method in which the insured’s loss experience during the current policy period determines
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    Stand by letter of credit is a document used to guarantee invoice payments to a supplier; it promises to pay the beneficiary if the buyer fails to pay.
  • Liquidity preference framework
    Liquidity preference framework is a model developed by John Maynard Keynes that predicts the equilibrium interest rate on the basis of the supply of and demands for money.
  • Medicare Advantage plans
    Medicare Advantage plans refers private health plans that are part of Medicare that allow beneficiaries to choose alternates to the Original Medicare Plan, such as Medicare HMOs, Medicare PPOs, Medicare special needs plans, and Medicare private-fee-for-service plans.