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Air Mobility Command

Air Mobility Command refers to the Air Force component command of the United States Transportation Command.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Contingency response program
    Contingency response program— fast reaction transportation procedures intended to provide for priority use of land transportation assets by Department of Defense when required.
  • Display
    Display— in military deception, a static portrayal of an activity, force, or equipment intended to deceive the adversary’s visual observation.
  • Commander’s required delivery date
    Commander’s required delivery date is the original date relative to C-day, specified by the combatant commander for arrival of forces or cargo at the destination; shown ...
  • Maximum ordinate
    Maximum ordinate— in artillery and naval gunfire support, refers to the height of the highest point in the trajectory of a projectile above the horizontal plane ...
  • Begin morning civil twilight
    Begin morning civil twilight refers to the period of time at which the sun is halfway between beginning morning and nautical twilight and sunrise, when there is enough light ...
  • Sterilizer
    Sterilizer— in mine warfare, refers to a device included in mines to render the mine permanently inoperative on expiration of a pre-determined time after laying.
  • Acceptability
    Acceptability refer to the joint operation plan review criterion for assessing whether the contemplated course of action is proportional, worth the cost, consistent with...