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Airfield refers to an area that is prepared for the accommodation (including any buildings, installations, and equipment), landing, and takeoff of aircraft.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Multinational
    Multinational— Between two or more forces or agencies of two or more nations or coalition partners.
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    Operational contract support integration cell is a cell that is established to coordinate, and integrate operational contract support actions across all ...
  • Heavy-lift ship
    Heavy-lift ship is a ship specially designed and capable of loading and unloading heavy and bulky items and has booms of sufficient capacity to accommodate a single lift of 100 tons.
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    Area of influence refers to a geographical area wherein a commander is directly capable of influencing operations by maneuver or fire support systems ...
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  • Ascent phase
    Ascent phase refers to that portion of the flight of a ballistic missile or space vehicle that begins after powered flight and ends just prior to apogee.
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    Department of Defense Intelligence Information System refers to the combination of Department of Defense personnel, procedures, equipment, computer programs ...