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Airland— move by air and disembark, or unload, after the aircraft has landed or while an aircraft is hovering.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Dispersion
    Dispersion refers to 1. The spreading or separating of troops, materiel, establishments, or activities, which are usually concentrated in limited areas to reduce vulnerability.
  • Absolute humidity
    Absolute humidity refers to the amount of water vapor present in the atmosphere: measured in gms/cubic meter.
  • Boost phase
    Boost phase is that portion of the flight of a ballistic missile or space vehicle during which the booster and sustainer engines operate.
  • Common-user network
    Common-user network refers to a system of circuits or channels, allocated to furnish communication paths between switching centers to provide communication service...
  • Available-to-load date
    Available-to-load date refers to a date that is specified for each unit in a time-phased force and deployment data indicating when that unit will be ready to load at the point of embarkation.
  • Continental United States
    Continental United States refers to the United States territory, including the adjacent territorial waters, located within North America between Canada and Mexico.
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    Sexual assault prevention and response program is a Department of Defense program for the Military Departments and Department of Defense ...