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Airland— move by air and disembark, or unload, after the aircraft has landed or while an aircraft is hovering.

Category: Defense Terms
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  • Carrier strike group
    Carrier strike group— A standing naval task group consisting of a carrier, embarked air wing, surface combatants, and submarines as assigned in direct support ...
  • Bill
    Bill is a ship’s publication listing operational or administrative procedures.
  • Chief of station
    Chief of station is the senior United States intelligence officer in a foreign country and the direct representative of the Director National Intelligence, to whom the officer ...
  • Amphibious bulk liquid transfer system
    Amphibious bulk liquid transfer system refers to hosereel system which provides capability to deliver fuel and/or water from ship to shore. Also called ABLTS.
  • Adaptive Planning and Execution system
    Adaptive Planning and Execution system refers to a Department of Defense system of joint policies, processes, procedures, and reporting structures, supported...
  • Amphibious raid
    Amphibious raid is a type of amphibious operation that is involved swift incursion into or temporary occupation of an objective followed by a planned withdrawal.
  • Approach schedule
    Approach schedule— in amphibious operations, this schedule indicates, for each scheduled wave, the time of departure from the rendezvous area, from the line of departure ...